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Become an Ashab Us Suffa by joining the Suffa Community in 12 Months 12 Projects throughout the year. Sponsor an orphan, build water wells, support widows, help towrads the construction of masjids and countless more appeals all for £1 a month.​​
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Why Suffa?

​Our Subscribers are what makes Suffa Global Aid possible. They are the sole decision makers when it comes to choosing projects and where aid relief is needed most. We deliver based on the Ashab Us Suffa Community. The relationship that Suffa brings to the whole concept of SGA is something unique. Each member recieves full updates on each project, with a breakdown of costs and the impact that has been created all from a pound a month.

How it began?

As you may have already heard about Suffa Global Aid, here's a little introduction on how we started:

Some years ago I started getting involved with charities here in the UK, I always felt privileged living in the UK and having my basic daily living necessities available to me whenever and where ever I was. The basic necessities that I had was things like clean water.

What is Suffa?

​Suffa Global Aid was founded in August 2016 with the goal of challenging the huge poverty and injustice prevalent in the Ummah today. Inspired by the Islamic teachings of empathy and selflessness, the charity strives to support and uplift the impoverished through the beautiful act of charity.
The sole aim of this charity is to make the act of giving charity easy.

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Having an education is vital for an individual’s personal development. Education empowers a person and can help those in poverty to earn a living wage and help develop their community. Our projects include education. 
Educating children and providing them with good healthcare, helps reduce poverty and prevents disease, providing future generations with the tools of self-reliance and empowerment. Support a vulnerable child now by joining our mission. 
From widows struggling to support their orphaned children, to families who have lost everything in natural disasters or wars, Our project includes contributing towards these causes. When one person is able to earn an income, the whole family can benefit
The help and support for disabled people is very minimum around the poorer region of the world.
Wheelchair is a great, speedy and easy way for disabled people to move around. Part of our 12 Months 12 Project is catering for the less abled. 
A permanent home and shelter is one of the biggest gifts of life. In areas in need of emergency relief, where houses have either been destroyed or damaged, Unending wars and natural disasters are forcing more and more to leave their homes. Part of our 12 Months 12 Project is catering for the homeless 
Donating towards emergency aid is the preferred method for many people as their charity is not impaired by considerations of race or colour rather for all of humanity.​ Our projects include medical aid.